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The Center for Geomechanics and Mitigation of Geohazards (GMG) at Caltech is conducting research to advance the understanding of how geomaterials fail, in particular in the presence of fluids. GMG will contribute to more efficient, reliable and safe methods for energy production, CO2 and gas storage. GMG will develop physics-based methods to mitigate the hazard associated with such activities, as well as with natural earthquakes and landslides. The Center members who will constitute the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) include oil and gas companies, engineering companies in the areas of geomechanics and geohazard mitigation, and utilities operators concerned with the exposure of distributed infrastructure to earthquake and landslide hazard. More than fifteen Caltech professorial faculty are participating in the Center, covering all the relevant disciplines - geophysics, geology, mechanical and civil engineering, and information sciences.  

Mission Statement

To advance the understanding of geomaterials failure in the presence of fluids for industry applications and geohazard mitigation, by leveraging the cutting-edge modeling, computing, experimental, geophysical and remote-sensing research at Caltech

Spring Meeting

May 14 - 15, 2019

Past Meetings